«Codе de Fleur» with the taste of coffee and cognac

combined filling (powdered sugar, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, iodized edible salt, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E 476), flavors ("Coffee", "Cognac")), dark chocolate (grated cocoa, sugar , cocoa butter, emulsifiers (lecithin, E 476), natural Vanilla flavoring), white confectionery glaze (icing sugar, cocoa butter substitute lauric or non-lauric type, skimmed milk powder, soya lecithin emulsifier, vanillin flavoring).

Nutrition value of 100 g: proteins – 7,0 g, fats – 33,0 g, carbohydrates – 49,5 g.

Energy value: 2336 kj (558 kcal)

Expiration date: 3 месяца

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