Facts only

The main consumers of chocolate in the world are Swiss, Germans and Belgians. Residents of these countries eat an average of at least eleven kilograms of chocolate per year. Such data was obtained by sociologists who conducted a study commissioned by the Union of Chocolate Manufacturers of Switzerland. The information was published in Brussels

According to updated information, one Swiss accounted for an average of 11.9 kilograms of a popular treat, and one German accounted for 11, 1 kilogram, Belgian - 11 kilograms.

The Japanese love chocolate the least. Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun consume an average of 2.2 kilograms of this product per year. In second place in the anti-rating are the Dutch, who eat no more than 2.9 kilograms of chocolate per year, and in third place the Spaniards with 3.1 kilograms per year.

In Japan, in the small village of Hakone, which is located at an unusual spa center with unusual entertainment for children and adults has opened to the west of the capital.

Visitors to the new SPA center will be able to take a bath of chocolate, having tasted the healing properties of an ancient plant.

By balneologists believe chocolate procedures have a positive effect on the nervous system and normal form a pressure. Moreover, a visit to the chocolate resort will help to simply cheer you up.